A List Of Solid Dissertation Topics On Education: 28 Great Recommendations

The success of any dissertation paper lies in the topic a student chooses. It should be interesting, narrow enough, and manageable. Here is a list of solid dissertation topics covering different areas of education.

  1. The Montessori method in pre-school education: analyzing children’s progress in math and English and comparing it with conventional pre-school systems.

  2. Investigation into a child’s character formation in modern pre-school educational systems.

  3. Role of play in promoting early literacy of a child: a quantitative analysis.

  4. The Montessori method in primary schools: effectiveness of applying the method for children below the age of twelve.

  5. Gender segregation in secondary schooling systems: looking for advantages.

  6. Race segregation in secondary schools: benefits and possible outcomes of introducing the scheme into life.

  7. Implementation of online courses into a modern educational system: advantages and disadvantages.

  8. Lack of teachers in modern schools: analyzing current methods of fighting the shortage.

  9. Public schools versus private schools: analyzing the teachers’ motivation.

  10. IT to teach math and literacy in primary schools: investigation into teachers’ experience and perception.

  11. Analyzing learning styles of the primary school children and looking for corresponding teaching methods.

  12. Reflective practice to improve learning skills in secondary schools: a qualitative analysis.

  13. Pre-school education at four years versus pre-school education at two years: the best age to start.

  14. Traditional books versus modern reading schemes: analyzing possible ways of teaching children to read.

  15. Investigating effectiveness of corporative and collaborative learning methods in improving the children’s progress.

  16. Reasons for taking home schooling: a qualitative analysis.

  17. Academic and social progress of home-schooled students in universities: a quantitative analysis.

  18. Methods of problem-based learning: investigation into possible implementation of this practice in modern schools.

  19. Improving progress of diverse learners: analyzing current methods and strategies in the US schools.

  20. Critical analysis of the current National Curriculum of your country.

  21. Analyzing progress of children from bilingual families in their early years of studies.

  22. Effects of the gender differentiation on the interaction among classmates in secondary schools.

  23. Effectiveness of EFL/ESL teaching methods to teach English in primary schools.

  24. Analyzing phonological awareness of young learners when applying modern methods of teaching children to read.

  25. IT for teachers’ education: critical analysis.

  26. Effectiveness of SATs in checking the students’ knowledge: a qualitative study.

  27. Little primary schools in the countryside versus big urban primary schools: comparing teachers’ competence.

  28. Analyzing effectiveness of personal learning programs for the schoolchildren with SEN.

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