A List Of 14 Impressive Dissertation Topics In Anatomy

The human body has too many curves, angles and straight lines. It also is a machine where every cog, every cork knows its role and does not obstruct or infringe other organs. It is an incredible piece of wizardry and rightfully reigns over other species.

Sum of the parts

Biologists have this knack of dissecting beautiful things. They do not see body as a whole but as an anatomy with different parts; or in other words a sum of the parts. Writing a biological dissertation thus clearly indicates specifying on a particular segment or behavior of the body.

Need for accuracy

The dissertation has to be accurate in assertions as it deals with the most important thing in the world; our body. The writers cannot take any loose measures and have to derive genuine information from credible sources.

Here is a list of 14 anatomy based dissertation topics for your reference –

  1. The different industries hosted by the cerebrum – The cerebrum is the most emphatic part of the human brain and it holds the key for many functions.

  2. The mechanism of pituitary and other endocrine secretions – They may be microscopic and abstract, but they lead to vital changes in the body as we grow.

  3. The vitality of sense organs – Although they appear too superficial, they make inveterate contribution to the progression of the body.

  4. Assessing thoracic and lumbar cavity – The dissertation should attempt to plug in the holes of these cavities.

  5. The nervous system and its spillover on psychology – There is nothing nervous about the analysis of the system.

  6. The active fluids of the body – The blood, lymph; synovial fluids; all hold significance in the activation of the body.

  7. Epithelial and endothelial muscles – Trace the structure and layering of muscles.

  8. Similarities and differences between male and female anatomies – This requires emergent and deep evaluation.

  9. Study of the systems – Take a thorough course through circulatory, nervous, digestive and excretory systems.

  10. Analysis of cerebral cortex – The dissertation would be Doctoral in all sense of the word.

  11. Bodily tendencies towards well-being and diseases – The body tilts the way we make it tilt.

  12. The finery of kidneys and pancreas – These two organs cut astute corners for the body to be in perfect shape.

  13. Sketching metabolism and mesenteric arteries – Both fixtures are related to different systems and influence the running of the body.

  14. Study of the human heart – The dissertation should be analytical and clinical when dealing with such a sensitive, vital and complex organ.

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