Top 20 Outstanding College Thesis Topic Examples

Writing a college research paper can be a pain in the neck. Here are a few tips for writing a good term paper for college.

Tips for writing an outstanding college thesis for the best grade:

  • Tip #1: Create a time schedule outlining the number of hours the student will dedicate each day to work on the research paper.

  • Tip #2: The student should make a list of at least six possible topics for the term paper.

  • Tip #3: The student has to conduct preliminary research on the six possible subjects to determine the top three.

  • Tip #4: From the top three potential subjects, the student should pick the one that is easy to write about, has been discussed in course materials, has been discussed extensively in class, and should ensure that there is a lot of information out there on it.

  • Tip #5: The topic the student picks should be newsworthy and trendy on social media sites.

  • Tip #6: After picking the subject matter for the college thesis paper, the student has to begin gathering information on it by conducting research.

  • Tip #7: All researched information should be organized into an outline to make it easier to the write the research paper.

  • Tip #8: The student should never write the final draft of the thesis paper before doing a rough draft of the paper.

  • Tip #9: A professional editor is good to hire to proofread and edit the thesis term paper before turning it in.

  • Tip #10: Always check and correct the paper for errors before turning in the final research paper for grading.

The top twenty topics to consider for a college thesis:

  • Topic #1: Has cybersecurity improved computer safety or not?

  • Topic #2: What is e-commerce and how has it changed doing business?

  • Topic #3: Why do sweatshops still exist in the USA?

  • Topic #4: Why do white collar criminals receive less time than other criminals?

  • Topic #5: Why do some individuals love their animals more than their family members?

  • Topic #6: Why are people outraged when human beings harm animals than when humans harm each other?

  • Topic #7: Should the legal drinking age be increased from 18 years old to 21 years old?

  • Topic #8: Should children be taught how to shotguns?

  • Topic #9: Should gun control laws be more restrictive?

  • Topic #10: How to handle sexual assault cases in the military?

  • Topic #11: How to handle sexual assault cases on college campuses?

  • Topic #12: Will new laws regarding legalized abortion get rid of the Roe vs. Wade law?

  • Topic #13: How to handle sexual harassment in the military?

  • Topic #14: How to handle sexual harassment on the job?

  • Topic #15: Why do black offenders receive more time for drug charges than white offenders?

  • Topic #16: Are charter schools as good as private schools?

  • Topic #17: Why are colleges increasing their tuition when the US economy is not doing that great?

  • Topic #18: Is the No Child Left Behind Act really improving the education of American students?

  • Topic #19: What are the current effects of global warming?

  • Topic #20: Why has it become okay for men to abuse women?

These are just a few subjects to consider for an awesome thesis research paper.

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