Useful Hints For Selecting A Law Dissertation Topic

There are many different ways in which you can write about the law when composing a dissertation. Therefore, it is particularly important that you choose a relevant topic that enables you to write sufficiently about a particular subject or aspect of the law you have studied - the topic should also be one that you enjoy, and feel that you would be proficient at writing about.

A great way of coming up with relevant topics to write about is to think of any topics that you have studied recently and that you have enjoyed. You can then make a list of any relevant topics, before narrowing down your ideas until you come up with the perfect solution.

In fact, there are many similar brainstorming techniques you can use in order to help you think of other ideas. For example, you may wish to note down a few ideas, before trying to expand upon each one. By writing the ideas down and using them as a source of inspiration, you may well find that you think of ideas that you would not otherwise have thought of.

As well as using various brainstorming techniques, it can often be particularly useful to have a look at what other people have written. For example, you may wish to look at the topics and titles used as the basis of other people’s dissertations. Alternatively, it may be that you find some useful hints and ideas from the list below.

  • The role of case law in dictating the laws of the land

  • An in-depth study into the processes involved in creating legislation in the European Union

  • A comparison of legislative processes in the United States and the European Union

  • The importance of impartiality in the judicial system and the consequences of a biased judiciary

  • Do modern-day sentences actually fit the crimes that have been committed or should that be a little of the punishments given to criminals

  • A comparison of the methods used and the differences in the standard of proof in criminal law cases and civil law cases

  • An analysis of the history of forensic science and its role in helping to prosecute criminals

  • How can major businesses avoid the dangers of being sued for negligence

  • An analysis of contract law and how lawyers attempt to exploit loopholes in badly written contracts

  • an examination and comparison of the methods and outcomes in criminal cases in the United States and England

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