Getting A Doctoral Dissertation Example: Useful Sources

When writing a dissertation, it can be hard knowing where to start. It can be a big help if you have some great samples of previous works which you can use as a reference point for getting started. Below we have listed some great resources for finding good paper examples to get you inspired.

  1. 1. Check with your university. Most universities have specific guidelines to construct a great paper. Check with your department office and research labs to not only get a copy of their exact guidelines but also ask if you can get examples of good dissertations from past PhD candidates. You will get some great examples this way.

  2. 2. Search past dissertations. Type key terms about your research project into a search engine along with the word "dissertation" to find good examples of past papers written about your topic. Analyze their effectiveness at reporting their research. Analyze the structure and what kind of language is used. Analyze investigative techniques. Take all this information you have gathered and use it as a model for how you plan on writing your own.

  3. 4. Look online. Search for dissertation templates that would mesh with the things you plan on researching. Explore different types of templates and models to find the one that best highlights key points in your research. Look up papers from various disciplines to see the different sorts of templates used. Gather the best practices from all and use in your own. Be sure to include graphs and hard measurements of research gathered to write a factually correct academic paper.

  4. 5. Search in online journals. Colleges offer access to a wide variety of databases that contain academic journals from all sorts of different fields of study. Read these journals to get ideas for what type of dissertation you might want to write as well as which direction you want to take your research in.

  5. 6. Ask professors for help. All professors have written dissertations to get to where they are now. As your mentors in the academic setting, they can offer you guidelines on how to proceed with writing. They may also have examples of the best work by previous students on hand, which you can request to see and get inspired by. You teacher will be happy to show you these examples and guide you on which template to follow for your particular line of research.

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