Vital Advice On How To Pick A Unique Dissertation Topic

Your dissertation is extremely important, and you want to make sure that every element is perfect before you submit it. Even the smallest mistake can make a difference and you don’t want to compromise the entire project for a few details. Of course, before you can even think about writing you have to choose your topic; if the subject is good you already solved half of the problem. It’s not easy to find a unique topic; many of them are too complicated, too simple or too common. Apply these advices to find a good subject to analyze:

  • Choose controversial ideas. No one wants to find out more about the same old, boring topics. However, anyone will be eager to listen to what you have to say about a controversial topic. Try to discuss issues that affect us directly, because you will motivate others to say their opinion. Also, you will have the chance to introduce in your dissertation different perspectives and opinions and this shows how versatile and open minded you are. Make sure that you do not share any extreme opinion if you analyze such a subject; you don’t want to offend anyone.

  • Try to solve a problem. It does not actually matter what problem you want to solve, as long as you will do it. It is better if this problem is related to the society around you or even to your school; this will make others interested in what you have to say. Besides, if you do bring valid solutions and you give them answers to their questions, they will really appreciate your effort and your dissertation will be beneficial for others.

  • Discuss about new things. No one cares about what happened a hundred years ago; if you want to keep the readers engaged, you need to discuss about things that are happening right now and that might affect us in the future. To get some ideas you can watch documentaries or read science magazines; there is almost always a good topic for your dissertation.

  • Ask your professor. If none of these solutions work, you can go directly to your supervisor and ask him for advice. He knows how your dissertation is supposed to look, so he can give you a few ideas to choose from. You can always trust his advice when it comes to your dissertation.

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