Creating Effective Dissertation Titles On Domestic Violence

Whether you are a student planning on writing their dissertation, or an education professional setting the task, then the titles that you choose are of equal importance to the actual assignment. It is difficult enough choosing titles for descriptive essays. However, when confronted with an emotive and controversial issue such as domestic violence then the stakes are quite literally as high as they get.

You want the dissertation to:

  • Have an impact

  • Stand out from the crowd

  • Play an important part in the discussion

Your choice of title can quite literally make or break the overall work. If it is too generic it may fail to capture the reader’s attention and they may not be suitably invested in it to give it the attention and credit that it deserves. On the other hand, if your title is too salacious then it may promise something that you have no chance of ever being able to deliver and may leave the reader feeling disappointed, or even worse, cheated.

A winning title must:

  • Successfully convey the central message of the project

  • Manage reader’s expectations

  • Invite discussion

So, how do you come up with your title?

Well, I don’t suggest plucking your titles out of thin air! I would strongly suggest:

  • Playing around with several different titles until you find one that fits. Changing a few words here and there can have a significant impact. Therefore, it is not necessary to always come up with totally new titles.

  • Mull it over for a while/sleep on it/let the title seep into your consciousness

  • Don’t be afraid to change it if you realize that it isn’t working for you

  • Research titles on the subject. Chances are you will seek out an example dissertation before writing the final version. Therefore, it is not unreasonable to presume that you would also want to conduct some research into titles. So long as you don’t actually copy a title then it is not plagiarism. You might see a title and think it sucks, or by contrast you might come across one that really captures your imagination and gives you the confidence needed to create some compelling titles of your own.

Above all, remember that with a subject as serious as domestic violence you have a duty of care to write a responsible dissertation – whichever side of the fence you choose to view it from.

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