How To Create A Winning Dissertation Proposal In Management

A dissertation proposal is a piece of work that is meant to impress the committee and show them that in your project, you are researching a question that has not received enough attention yet but requires a lot of it for the sake of the scientific development. Of course, this part of your project needs a lot of attention.

How to Write a Good Proposal

  • Remember that you cannot know everything for sure. You have a hypothesis, which is a scientific prognosis of what your research can turn out to be. In the end, you will see whether you will receive an expected result or something completely different. That’s why you shouldn’t worry if you cannot actually say where you are going at the stage of writing the proposal. It’s good research if it’s rather unpredictable.
  • Introduce the topic and say why it’s so important and meaningful for the science. You need to convince the committee that the management issue that you are going to research in your dissertation really deserves more attention than it does at the moment.
  • Move to the proposal body and start speaking about the methods you are going to use in your research and the important literature that you have already read. Make sure that the body has several sections that are determined by the discussed matters. Dedicate one section to the methodology while the other will be dedicated to the reference literature, and so on, depending on the number of points that you are going to cover in your proposal.
  • Move on to the concluding part of your proposal, which has nothing to do with conclusions, though. You cannot speak about any conclusions while the research is not done yet. However, you can say a couple of phrases to recapitulate everything that has already been said about your project. Everything that you have just said in the proposal is the base for your dissertation hypothesis.

How to Receive Help

Sometimes, you can turn to your supervisor and receive a couple of useful recommendations on the way you should write your project and its separate parts. Sometimes, it makes sense to look through guidebooks and manuals that explain a lot of details of such complicated projects as dissertations. In extreme cases, when all the other types of help don’t work, you should think about turning to professional writers who can do everything for you. What you need to do is find the most reliable custom writing agency and trust your task to them.

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