25 Great Thesis Topic Ideas On Electronics And Communication Engineering

Writing a thesis on Electronics and Communication Engineering is a daunting prospect. It requires you to invest an enormous amount of time, energy and resources. It is designed to be the culmination of everything you have learned throughout your entire academic career, and it can determine whether you are awarded the degree you have been working so hard to attain.

As always, it's a good idea to take a break the project down into manageable chunks. Unfortunately, the first step can often be the most difficult: choosing a topic. It needs to be relevant to your field of study, and it needs to be something you can completely immerse yourself in for months on end. With so many changes happening in the world of electronics and communication engineering, the options for a thesis topic can be daunting indeed.


To help you with the first step of the most important project of your entire academic career, here is a list of 25 great thesis topic ideas.

  1. Adaptive Multi-beam antenna-related projects

  2. Specific application antennas for emerging technology

  3. Communications platforms (ex. mobile phones)

  4. Switch Fabric Architecture

  5. System Analysis Modeling and Design

  6. Radiation characteristics of various types of antennae

  7. Random Access Protocols

  8. Trellis coded modulation schemes

  9. Integrated Cardiac Information System in Multimedia

  10. Diagnostic Systems for Renal Calculi and Gallstones

  11. Simulated combustion systems

  12. The Kalman Tracking Algorithms

  13. Analyzing Cardiac Sound Signal

  14. Redundant Wavelets for Image Denoising

  15. Controlling a heat exchanger

  16. Software solutions for just about anything you can think of (healthcare, security, etc.)

  17. Intelligent control of various simulation systems

  18. Stability testing

  19. High-speed VLSI architectures

  20. Rectangular Shielded Stripline Enclosures

  21. BH Laserbeam divergence

  22. Fiber optics networks

  23. Multiwavelength optical orthogonal CDMA communication systems

  24. Fading communication channels

  25. Routing algorithms for mobile networks


The topics are not intended to be inflexible cut-and-dried topics. You can expand, narrow, or combine them as you see fit to come up with a unique thesis that's all your own.


Since the thesis is supposed to be a culmination of everything you learned throughout your academic career, take a moment to reflect on some of your favorite classes, professors, and subjects and why you enjoyed them so much. If you manage to come up with a subject you're passionate and curious about, the process of researching and writing your thesis is likely to be much less painful than it would be otherwise.

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