Basic Instructions For Writing A Ph.D. Thesis In Education

Writing a thesis for any subject falls under similar guidelines. It is really not that Ph.D. or Education is more difficult, but it does need to be more advanced to show what you are learning and that your research is well sourced. Here are some basic instructions that will help you to give the best possible project. .

  • Research your sources to make sure that they are reliable and up to date. It is very important because education is a field that is constantly updating. You do not want outdated information to be the basis of your thesis.

  • Understand your topic to the point that your thesis is clear and to point. It needs to state directly your point. You want your reader to know what you will cover and why you feel it is important to cover.

  • After you spend days or weeks working on a subject, your ideas can start to blur and be unclear. Put it down and walk away from it, and then go back and reread it. This way you can catch all the mistakes you made and be sure not to make them again.

  • Do not try to finish completely your project at one time. Spend days finding the information you need. Gather it into an outline and make sure it hits all the notes that you want to cover. Then write out your project. With fresh eyes go back and edit it. You could invest in a professional service to help with the edits, just do not allow them to make unapproved changes.

  • Make sure that your thesis statement is clear and in the proper place. Usually, you want it to be in the last sentence of your introductory paragraph. It should effectively sum up all that your paper addresses.

  • Do not leave unaddressed questions. It is important that you touch on every question that your paper asks. If you cannot find a clear answer, make that known.

While these basic tips are here to help you, make sure that you are aware of your school and your professor’s requirements. If you are not clear on these visit your schools resources center and get a print out of the requirements. You can also find a copy on your school website or from your professor directly. Do not get overwhelmed. Do not procrastinate. Just enjoy the learning process.

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