What To Know About The Dissertation Structure: 8 Crucial Points

As you approach the end of your degree program and begin your research for your final project you are entering one of the most difficult and time consuming portions of the educational process.

Writing a dissertation

This ominous task can be daunting when you first consider what needs to be done but with just a little work and knowledge you can compose a top quality, structured dissertation that will work for you degree.

Here are eight crucial points to remember as you move forward:

  1. Before you even begin writing you need to put together the structure of the piece. Once you begin the writing process it is easy to get sidetracked and the final project will reflect these distractions so make sure that you put the structure in place first prior to moving forward with the work.

  2. Follow the specified formatting for your work. This type of project requires a very specific structure and if you do not follow this formatting it will be rejected. Make sure that you have a clearly written introduction and conclusion as well as references, bibliography and acknowledgement sections.

  3. While it would be nice to have unlimited space to compose your thoughts and document your research there are times when there is a word limit. Keep these limits in mind and you will make sure to avoid going over the word limit requirements by accident.

  4. Follow a logical order in your writing. When you are documenting a large amount of research you can be tempted to skip steps so make sure to follow a logical and sequential order.

  5. Keep the written portion readable and avoid large sections of unbroken text. When appropriate use bullets and headings to make the work easier to follow.

  6. Leverage the formatting of the piece to make a more impactful bit of writing. Use the conclusion to truly state what you discovered and do not let your reader determine for themselves what you are saying.

  7. To avoid wordiness reference back to previous points in your writing. This will help to avoid going over the word limit.

  8. Follow all guidelines and requirements from your department.

No matter what the subject matter for our writing is, when you keep these crucial points in mind you will have a high quality piece of writing that will help to finish you degree.

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