Great Dissertation Topics On Management: 20 Fresh Ideas

Finding great and unique dissertation topics on management can be challenging. Here’s a list of fresh ideas you can consider for your own project or use as inspiration to develop your own:

  1. Do you believe there is a strategic difference between eBay and in the ways each handles physical goods?

  2. Analyze the role of stakeholder objectives in various business practice strategies and how it varies across cultures.

  3. Analyze how planning, networking and organizing affect most managerial practices in large corporations of 100+ employees.

  4. Do you think that taking a holistic approach when considering an organization help formulate a successful strategy for success?

  5. Provide an analysis of differing regional strategic management structures in the fast food restaurant industry. Take 2 or more companies involved in global operations in Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle East and US.

  6. Do you believe that planned, forced or opportunistic decisions can be considered as part of strategy?

  7. Analyze critical success factors in project management and the importance of client presentation.

  8. What effects does the economy have on the strategic direction of managers in the technology sector?

  9. What management skills are deemed most necessary among entrepreneurs as they bring in employees?

  10. How does innovation thought processes affect the development of leadership strategies within an organization?

  11. Discuss the exploration and exploitation of management strategies an entrepreneurship in what is known as competitive dynamics.

  12. What impact does entrepreneurship have of the performance of an established firm? Take a case study of firms of difference sizes.

  13. How effective is offshoring or outsourcing in the success of a growing company with less than 100 employees on staff?

  14. How have various managerial styles evolved over the last 20 years and how much does technology have to do in influencing this evolution?

  15. What leadership capabilities do you believe are the most important in managers’ relationships with key stakeholders?

  16. Do you believe that outsourcing the office functions of project management is an effective way of improving organization?

  17. Examine the nature and origin of the management strategy that proposes people communicate regularly through social networking sites.

  18. Provide an assessment of the management lifecycle adopted by the major banks in the US after the recession of the early part of the 21st century.

  19. Discuss the process of developing guides for consulting that is culturally specific across a global organization.

  20. Can a firm strategy adapt to contextual external environments while still remaining consistent internally? Use a specific case study demonstrating this.

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