How To Complete A Dissertation In Two Weeks Without Trouble

If you’re trying to complete your academic dissertation in 14 days or less without a load of stress, it sounds like you either need a survival guide to help you through this process, or a hired professional to write your paper for you. Both these options will be discussed in this article.

Survival guide – 14 days to finished dissertation and counting…

Doing such a large piece of written work in a relatively short time definitely takes ultra-focus. It’s something you’d have to plan out by the minute and know what needs to be done by what time. With a time frame like this, you can’t afford time-wise to run into any obstacles that may throw you off your timeline.

Other writers who have finished their academic papers in only two weeks have these pieces of advice for your survival and success:

  • Be thinking about all aspects of your paper, even when you’re not writing. You may be surprised the ideas that can come into your mind when you’re eating, sleeping, cleaning or doing something else.
  • Use diagrams, mind maps, outlines and other visuals to connect together the main parts of your paper. Using these visuals to see the big picture will help you fill in all the details later.
  • Make sure you have a desk and quiet space to work with lots of room to spread out your materials.
  • Always start writing without the worry of doing it perfectly the first time. It’s much quicker and more efficient to get it all down and then fix little errors later.
  • Accept every offer of help you receive. Let your friends and family know how busy you’ll be for 2 weeks and hopefully the offers will start flooding in. Someone will bring you a meal, someone will do your laundry, and someone will go grocery shopping. If they don’t offer, then ask. They would love to help you!

Hiring a professional to finish what you can’t

You may not think at first it’s a viable option, but students are increasingly seeking help to write their academic papers. You have two options, really. You can hire a writer from the start and spare yourself the anxiety, or you can do as much of the work as possible and then hire a writer to finish for you.

Remember to leave them enough time to actually get it finished. Even though they can write on a tight schedule, it’s very difficult to complete a large project such as this in only 1 or 2 days.

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