Good Tips On How To Write A Dissertation In Seven Days

There are few things as traumatic as being a final year student in any program and realizing that you have nothing to submit in the week before your dissertation is due.

There are a host of reasons that this may occur. You may have had your computer stolen or destroyed unexpectedly. You may have used an unreliable source and come to realize at a late stage that you are unable to salvage any of the work you have done. Whatever the case, here is how you can get you paper done in seven days:

Ask for an extension

Okay, this method may not be particularly helpful if you intend to write your paper in the remaining time. It will, however, give you the chance to write something promising from scratch. You may not get much time but even one additional week can make a huge difference. You should be absolutely certain that this method will not bear fruit before you embark on any of the other tactics.

Pick an easy topic

If you will not be given an extension you can proceed to panic a bit. Once that is out of your system select the easiest possible topic. This is no time for heroics. Make sure that whatever you choose is easy to find resources for and does not require any skills or resources that are not already available to you easily.

Barter for assistance on the non essentials

The use of barter to get the help you need can help you to cut some of the work from your schedule. Ask friends if they can help you with the formatting or proofreading. Neither of these tasks would require you to compromise your academic integrity.

Forgo as much sleep as you can handle

Sleep is essential and if you go without it for long enough, you can actually die. Unfortunately, not sleeping is also one of the best methods of making your remaining week last as long as possible. Yo can drink coffee or energy drinks or both and work as much as possible until the dissertation and the week are both complete.

Construct a good plan

If you have a good schedule organized from the very beginning you can reduce your chances of making mistakes that cost you time.

This is not the best situation to land yourself in so try to avoid it at all costs but if this is impossible at least you know how to proceed.

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