Where To Find A Good Example Of A Dissertation Layout For Free

Dissertations are probably the longest piece of academic writing that you have written yet, and that in and of itself can be a daunting prospect. An essay is relatively easy to structure because it is easy to read in a single sitting. A dissertation takes a while to read, and it can, therefore, be easy to lose your place or for the information not to flow well. What you need is good examples of dissertations layouts - and for no cost! Below is a short list of the perfect places to find these great examples.

University homepages

Universities want their students to do well. Although it doesn’t always feel that way, it is true. As a result, they want to help their pupils understand what is expected of them in their writing. This is why you can often find very good samples of different sorts of writing on University pages, or individual departments, and this is also why this should be your first port of call! Your university will have examples that are specific to your level and your subject, and will also include specifications about guidelines that other samples that you find may not have had.


Google is littered with all sorts of interesting samples of various academic writings or instructions, so it follows that there should also be some examples of dissertation layouts, too. When searching for these online on any search engine (any will do, after all), remember to include in the search what subject you are writing on and what level you are working at, since a doctoral student will have very different requirements from an MA student, for instance. This can be a little bit of a boring option because there will be so many examples to search through, but it is completely free!


Forums for particular subjects and students (graduate, postgraduate, etc.) abound on the internet, with pupils all talking about problems they are facing and trying to help and support each other. This includes sending each other samples of their work. By posting a questions requesting some help with or some examples of dissertation layouts, you may well be surprised how many people have been in exactly the same position as you before and who are more than happy to help you out now. Just asking can go a little way. After all, the worst they can do is say ‘no’!

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