5 Great Suggestions On Writing A Thesis In Middle School

It isn’t very common to be expected to write a thesis in middle school, but you may be assigned one. If you are, there are some easy suggestions that will help you learn how to do it well and to have a successful project completed at the end of it.

  • Understand what a thesis is
  • A thesis is basically just a more intensive research project than you may normally be assigned. However, unlike a regular research paper, the expectation for a thesis is that you do some original research. This means rather than just summing up someone else’s work, you will do some original research. This could mean anything from conducting an experiment like you might for a science fair and writing a paper about your methodology and your findings, or it could mean finding out about something new like your family’s genealogy and history by researching birth certificates, death certificates, and marriage certificates.

  • Pick a good topic
  • The first step to a good thesis is a good topic. You should try to pick one that you are interested in, that you will have good access to information you’ll need to research and write about it, and that is an appropriate scope for your project. If you are considering a topic, ask yourself if you’d have access to information about it that didn’t just come from a book or article that someone else wrote?

  • Keep good notes when you are researching
  • When you are doing the research phase of your project, make sure that you keep very good notes. This means you should write down good notes as you’re doing background research for your topic, and that you should write down every step of your own research process, and when possible, explain why you chose to do things the way you did.

  • Use tables and charts to show your results
  • If it makes sense for your project, use tables and charts to help show your results. This will make it much easier for your reader to understand them and to walk away knowing the most important information.

  • Ask yourself why and how about your results
  • If you have a discussion section of your paper it is a good opportunity to talk about why or how you got the results you did. Even if it is just speculation, it will bring another layer to your paper making it more interesting.

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