In Search Of Well-Written Dissertation Examples Available For Free

When you are embarking on a big project such as writing a thesis or dissertation, then you need to make sure that your work is well written and meets all the criteria to be deemed successful. The best way to do this is to access some dissertation examples that you know have been well-written and meet all of the marking criteria.

Right from the start of your search make sure that you are looking for free examples, by adding the phrase in your key words. Be aware that some web sites will state that they are free then promptly ask you for your debit/credit or bank details – these are not free!.

Other sites may ask you to sign up and open an account with them, but they do not ask for any other details other than your email address and perhaps a few details such as the level and field of study that you are interested in. This is common practice, partially as they want to make sure that you are a real person and secondly to send you email updates of their services.

Ideally the samples that you need have either been graded, poor, average, above average or exceptional as this will give you the optimum experience of:

  • The overall level of presentation including word count, font style and referencing format.
  • The organization of the chapters and the way that they flow in a logical progression but they can also be viewed in isolation from each other.
  • Making a comparison of two or three different papers with the view of modelling your work on the best possible practice and the steps that you need to take to achieve excellence.
  • Viewing other papers may help you to generate new ideas and see your project in a new light. This can be done by picking up on a few of the statements in the discussion or by looking at some of the resources that have been mentioned.

Your check-list of makes a good dissertation?

  • Check that the thesis statement is both defined and captivating.
  • Check whether the research methods that have been used are relative.
  • Is the Literature Review actually a review/analysis that applies to the paper?
  • Have the research techniques been defined?
  • Check the results, don;t accept them on face value.
  • Are the proposed suggestions practical?

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