Essential Things To Know About Editing A Master’s Dissertation In Mathematics

Composing a Master’s dissertation in mathematics is a rather difficult task. One of the very important steps of completing this task successfully is proofreading and editing your paper. If you approach this step carelessly, your text is likely to contain plenty of mistakes and inconsistencies that won’t let you earn a high score.

Things to Remember Editing Your Dissertation in Mathematics

  1. Pay attention to calculations. It’s very easy to make mistakes in presenting the calculations that you’ve performed during your study. Make sure that each formula and each figure is written correctly. Otherwise, the reader might not be able to replicate your actions accurately.

  2. Eliminate ambiguity.
  3. Read your explanations and descriptions. Make sure that there is nothing that sounds ambiguous. If there are ambiguous terms in your text, present and interpret them in the introduction so that the reader exactly understands what you mean when using these terms.

  4. Get rid of grammar mistakes.
  5. This rule is common for editing any research paper and not just a thesis in mathematics. You should make an impression of an intelligent and literate person as the author of an academic work, so silly grammar mistakes will seriously harm your reputation in front of your committee.

  6. Make sure your punctuation is correct.
  7. A comma placed in the wrong place might make a sentence sound very different from what you’ve intended. Look through each paragraph carefully and check whether all punctuation marks are placed correctly.

  8. Don’t forget about spelling mistakes.
  9. This is probably the easiest step of proofreading and editing. You may just use a spell checking program to make sure that every word in your text is written correctly. Nobody forbids checking your spelling manually, however.

Finding a Third Party to Edit Your Dissertation

If you want your paper to be perfect, you may ask someone else to perform the final proofreading and editing. Of course, you cannot approach any person with such a request. You should find somebody who has more experience in academic writing and editing.

For example, you may spread the word among your friends that you need a good academic editor. If there are good specialists in your town, somebody is likely to provide you with their contact details. Don’t pick the first editor that you’ve found. Compare all candidates before making your decision.

You may also search for a freelance editor on the web. Usually, they can be found on job boards. Working with a freelancer might be risky, however, so check their reputation before conducting any deals.

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