Where To Get A Proofread Dissertation Prospectus Example: 5 Places To Check

A dissertation prospectus is before the actual project to show the readers and committee members what you will achieve through this project and what the larger significance of your work is. This is critical because it defines the overall purpose, significance, theme, and direction of your project. Students confuse this section with an abstract (which is the complete summary of your entire project) or an introduction where you present your topic. This is different because you have to submit it before any part of the actual project and only aims to show the proposed dissertation and research work.

Before you submit the final prospectus, it is important to stay in touch with your supervisor and instructor and keep showing them the drafts so that they know where you are going with this. It is very important for you to seek guidance and opinions because you are new to this style of writing and you do not want to risk your degree. When you take their suggestion, they would be able to guide you in staying on the same note and creating a perfect paper. You would have least chances of rejection or modification because the supervisor will know what your paper contains

The proposal of your paper includes the explanation of your topic and the major arguments your paper will cover. It does not talk about them in entirety like your project because your dissertation is 300-400 pages long while the prospectus is only a few pages. You give a precise explanation of the topic you will address and why you will address it. This is important so that the audience knows that you are not only reinventing the wheel but you are talking about new ideas and exploring a new aspect in your paper.

To show that your approach is unique, you must perform a literature review on your subject. This will give you a fair idea of what has already been done and what needs to be done in the subject. Address a niche that is significant and still unattended in your chosen subject area

You should also give a short summary of all the major sections or chapters of your paper in your proposal. This will define the direction and scope of your work to the reader. You should always try to leave some curiosity so that the reader feels tempted to go ahead and read the rest of your paper

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