5 Ways You Can Benefit By Utilizing A Dissertation Example

Drafting academic material can be a daunting task be it writing that “My Family” essay in kindergarten or completing a dissertation for that degree which you always wanted. The demand of the situation often gets the better of you and that is precisely when mistakes happen. So how to refine this experience and graft that impeccable dissertation that not only wins you laurels but also satisfies you on a whole. Utilizing a dissertation example might be one such method which is often explored yet useful. Below are five ways as to how you could utilise a dissertation example:

  • Look for the proper format: your paper should follow the standard protocol for writing such academic stuff. This is the first thing that you can do from the dissertation you have in hand. Maintaining this format is one of the most important yet often ignored points of dissertation writing.
  • Formulate an idea about the topic: If the example you have in hand is related to your current research topic, it makes sense to borrow useful details if not copy from it. This saves time besides giving you intricate details on how to go about your research. If the example is not similar but related, you can still delineate useful information.
  • Focus on the references: This does a whole world of good especially if you are short of ideas from where to get more information on your research work. A lot of time is thus saved which you can utilise to accumulate further insights into the topic.
  • Focus on the definitions: This is a serious time saver. Rather than perusing through multiple definitions and formulae on the internet or in the library, simply quote them from your example. Citing the example in your paper’s reference column would be gentle gesture as well.
  • Cite the example in your own work: If you come across certain points in the example that you think is otherwise unnecessary or incorrect according to the context of the paper, you can utilise them by writing a proper critique on them and including them in your work. A dissertation focussing on the flaws of other similar works and a rectification of them in your own work always sees light at the end of the tunnel.

Use the example to borrow ideas, fine tune your work and collect more information about the topic. Just don’t blindly copy and you will do fine.

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