Simple Guidelines On How To Choose The Best Format For Your Dissertation

Dissertation without proper format will not be accepted by the professors. It is necessary that the entire thesis follows a uniform margin throughout the document.


It should be 1 inch on left, right, top and bottom. Only exception is the chapter’s first page that begins with 2 inches from the top.

Font type and size:

Choose a font that is clear and legible. Usually Times New Roman font, style 12 Pts is used. Apart from this, fonts with 10, 11 and 12 can also be used. If formulas, footnotes and endnote numbers need to be written, you cannot use less than 2 point’s smaller font for the text body.

Spacing and indentation:

The text should be in single column with double spaces throughout the document on each page. Avoid arranging chapters in multiple columns. The text must be either left or right placed. Indent the quotation text from the left margin for the blocked quotation. Headings should not hang on the bottom of the page. Notes, legends, blocked quotations and long headings must be single spaced. Use double space between items for the document.


  • Use Roman numerals in lower case like i, ii, etc.
  • Arabic number is used in chapters or at introduction. They should be included for illustrations, texts, notes etc.
  • Page number should be written at the bottom of the page at the centre.


  • These must be separated by the text via a solid line and should be 1-2 inches long placed at the bottom of the page.
  • Include only one double space line between two subsequent notes.
  • In most of the software, space footnotes are automatic.
  • All footnotes must be in Arabic numerals.


  • These are alternative to footnotes.
  • Begin endnotes from a separate page. It can be either after end of each chapter or towards the end of the document.
  • Write endnotes in capital letters at the centre 1 inch below the top of first page.
  • Number them in Arabic numeral.
  • Single space all the endnotes.

Table figures and illustrations:

  • Allow space permitting headings for the figures and illustrations and they must be on the same page.
  • Color should be uniformly applied in the entire dissertation.
  • Its format should be consistent.


It should appear at the end of the entire document. Write Appendix 1, Appendix 2 etc if there are many.


  • Follow a professional formatting structure or consult a manual or journal for citations. Use either of these headings- ‘References’, ‘Bibliography’ or ‘Works cited’.
  • They must be single spaced. References must comply by margins or pagination parameters.

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