What Is The Most Important Aspect In A Dissertation Defense

The defense of your dissertation is one important part of your overall project. You might have an excellent idea but as long as you cannot express it to the dissertation committee members who will approve your project. It is equivalent to having an excellent product but not being able to market it or having enough resources to promote it. Consider the defense of your project as the marketing of your paper where you sell your paper to your audience and explain them its core features, key points, and the larger significance. Students often make the mistake of explaining unnecessary background details, technical aspects, and irrelevant findings to their audience. They need to keep in mind that the time of the committee members is valuable and they need to respect that

This article has suggestions straight from a dissertation judge who writes to students a success mantra for their defense

The most important thing for students in their defense is the first 30 seconds where they give an overview on overall scope of their paper and the key points to discuss. The committee members sitting in your defense are not all from your field so some might miss the technical details and want to know the bigger picture you are referring to in your speech. They hardly know the specific details that are confined to your niche so you need to save them the confusion. This is the most important thing because if you define the scope of your paper, only then they will be able to understand the point in the rest of the research

Every student and even professionals want to have an excellent sales pitch that can hook their audience and sell their ideas to people with the least technical knowledge in their field. You should understand that professors are not stupid enough to buy something they do not make any sense of so forget the approach complication is the key. The key to success is stating the main idea and contributions of your work in a clear, justified, and bold manner without any exceptions

One common perception I want to correct before we end this topic is that committee members do not want to trap you in tricky or unanswerable questions. They want you to pass your dissertation and promote to the next degree. They would definitely ask questions and raise points to see your confidence and knowledge of the subject but there is no point why they should fail you if you have an impressive work

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