What To Expect From Your Dissertation Defense: 5 Basic Tips

When you write a dissertation, it should appear that you hold an authoritative knowledge and grasp over the subject of your choice and the topical theme. You give it a decisive edge with the defense, which you prepare with traction and leverage.

The defense should be cultivated in a manner that it evokes certain sentiments. Here they go –

  1. Redoubtable stance – Your defense should put all the rising questions in the lumber room. It should weed out all doubts and dilemmas and place a clear and transparent picture to readers. Indeed, you have to identify the pertinent questions for that.
  2. The feasibility aspect – It is obvious that you might miss a certain methods while planning them. You need to ultimately prove that the methods that you missed were unfeasible or unviable at the time of operation. Your assertions and logic should drive the point home with clinical accuracy.
  3. Significant points – While preparing the defense, you should be clear about the points that revolve around the topical theme. There should be no errors in identifying them. You should serially point them out and then suggest ways to solve the questions or give them a definitive direction. Readers love to listen to solutions.
  4. Clarity of expressions – Your logics should be clearly expressed; not warped in a veneer of vagueness. This will make the art of presentation convenient and you will be able to pick the emergent points and place them on slider. Otherwise, the task at hand becomes cumbersome, to say the least.
  5. A firm solution – You should analyze the potency and rigidity of the topical theme and accordingly phase out a tenable solution. You should paste it unequivocally in the defense. You should also elaborate on how your suggested solution can change the complexion of the theme and hand the affected people a sort of liberation. The defense should be extricating in nature.

Pay enough attention

Of course, if you pay enough attention in compiling the dissertation, the defense automatically shapes itself up. You will not need playing to the gallery. You should be careful about the format style; escalation of points and their placement; emergence of standing motif and actuation of methods.

All these will ensure a streamlined and effective conclusion. Your discussions will be meaningful and your defense will hold a space it can call its own. While all these may seem a bit stretched, they are all-encompassing and happen naturally as a habit.

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